Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?


Simply upload your photo and select type, size, figures, framing and add instructions, pay only 10% deposit to let artist start painting, and we will ship it to you after finished.


What are the prices? How much does it cost?


After selecting type, size, figures and framing, the total amount will be displayed on the Order page. Please notice to choose the correct options, for example, if the figures you selected is less than the actual number on your photo, the price difference will be added in your final balance.


How could you offer such low prices? Are they prints?


No, we only offer hand-painted oil paintings by master artists. We are competitive than others due to we were a big studio who wholesale oil paintings to dealers all over the world. Now we are here going to let all people can buy museum portrait painting at a lower price.


Can you change things in my photo when you are painting?


Yes, just add your instructions before checkout, or sent by email to us. Our artists can do all what you want, for example, replace background, add or remove things, paint you into another painting, etc.


When do I pay the final balance? Will you send a preview before shipment?


We believe the quality is the most important thing, so yes, we will send you a preview for check once the painting completed, you just need to pay the rest 90% balance until you are fully satisfied and you have approved your painting, then we will arrange shipment.


What if I dont like the painting result?


As we offer museum quality hand-painted portrait painting, most of our customers love our works. However, if you want artist to modify the painting, that is also available, we will modify painting until you are 100% satisfied with the painting then ship it after your approval. Sometimes the result you dont like due to you didnt tell us what you want for the painting, so remember to add instructions when you are placing the order, or kindly send email to tell us.


How long will it take to receive my painting?


Our artist normally finish you painting and take the photo in 7 days, each time you ask for revision would cost extra 2 days. Weather conditions may also affect oil painting drying times. The delivery time is about 4 - 7 business days. You can also select the express service option before checkout, so artist will finish in about 3 days.


What is the express service?


Actually, our turnround time is very fast, so you dont need to select express service at most time unless your order is very urgent. Express service will cost you an additional 15%, we will keep it same museum quality and finish it in about 3 days.


There are not many frame types on your website, do you offer more for choosing?


Yes, we cooperate with several big frame factories, the frame on our website are just hot selling, so contact us if you require a different type.


Can I order a custom size? What will the price be?


Yes, just contact us by email to get the price. After you agree with our quote, you can select a small size on our website and place your order, the additional charge will be added in your final balance.


Can you paint my photo in another style, not just realistic style?


Yes, our artists can paint any style you want, just upload the reference photo when you place the order, and add your instructions in the comments box.


Is there a money back guarantee? What if painting damaged or lost in transit?


Yes, you can return the painting to us for 100% full refund within 14 days. Simply contact us by email to get a return address. Damaged or lost shipments will be repainted and re-shipped free of charge.

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